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Emerald Engagement Rings - Important Points to Know For a Good Buy

Emeralds are beautiful gemstones which are greatly prized because of their lush green hue. Shopping and judging the quality of emeralds becomes much easier once you have general awareness and knowledge about the essential attributes of the gem.

How good is the color of an emerald, can easily be determined on the basis of three main criteria.


intensity (or saturation) - It refers to the brightness or vividness of the color. A gemstone that displays more brightness is recognized as more valuable.


iTone - Simply how much gray, black, white or brown is contained in the crystal, defines its tone. The closer the color of emerald is always to green without the other tints, the better is the grade of the gem.


iDistribution - Identifies the even or uneven distribution of color.

Clarity can be another principal factor that determines the caliber of a gem. Emeralds are frequently found with inclusions inside their crystal structure that even the best possible of those gems are observed with some inclusions. These inclusions are just like the finger prints of nature which nature imprints on the crystals of the gems.


Cut refers to the proportioning and the finish of a stone. What sort of stone is cut greatly affects depth of the color and the liveliness projected by the gem. A well cut gem would any day command greater price over a perhaps not so well cut gem of the same quality.

Carat or weight is certainly last, although not the smallest amount of factor that determines the worth of a gemstone. A weightier emerald could be prized significantly more than one that weighs less.


These four factors will also be popularly called the 4C’s, the four factors that determine the worthiness of a gem.

- Always store your emerald jewelry in another box, so that your emeralds do not get scratched.


- Avoid wearing your jewelry when doing any intensive physical work. A tough blow might crack the stone.

- The simplest way to clean your emerald jewelry in the home is by using luke warm water, mild detergent and soft tooth brush. But do not clean your emerald jewelry any more than few times a year.


- Never get your emerald jewelry cleaned by ultrasonic cleaners. Emeralds in many cases are given fracture filling treatments, cleaning it having an ultra sonic might cause the filling ahead out. Have your jewelry professionally cleaned at least once a year. The settings many a times often become loose, professional jewelers can take care of this as well.

Never use steam cleaner to wash your emerald jewelry.

Emeralds are one the absolute most beautiful gemstones. Given you take care of your emerald jewelry, it will remain as beautiful forever.

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